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Stanisław Lem: Gospodov glas

Stanisław Lem
Gospodov glas
Translated by Tatjana Jamnik
Language: Slovene
Number of pages: 300
Format (mm): 129x198
Published by KUD Police Dubove
Year of publication: 2016
Series: Solaris, 3
ISBN 978-961-7020-17-5
ISBN 978-961-7020-26-7 (epub)
Retail price: 24,90 €
Discount price: 14,90 €

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His Master's Voice (original Polish title: Głos Pana) is a science fiction novel on the "message from space" theme written by Polish writer Stanisław Lem. It was first published in 1968 and translated into English by Michael Kandel in 1983. It is a densely philosophical first contact story about an effort by scientists to decode, translate and understand an extraterrestrial transmission. The novel critically approaches humanity's intelligence and intentions in deciphering and truly comprehending a message from outer space. It is considered to be one of the three best-known books by Lem, the other two being Solaris and The Cyberiad.

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By pure chance scientists discover a signal from space that could be an statement from rational beings.  How can we read this message knowing nothing about the senders?  What if we are not even sure whether they exist?  “His Master's Voice” is not a typical book.  It lacks an adventure plot, yet struggle with the mystery rivets readers' attention more than in many adventure books, especially since the encounter with the unknown provokes elementary questions about the nature of the world, nature of man and reasons for defects of Being.

Critic's opinion:

“At  one point in this fascinating, alarming and occasionally frustrating novel, a scientist involved in a Pentagon-sponsored attempt to decode what may of may not be a "letter from the stars" begins reading great swatches of popular science-fiction stories in hope of generating new ideas.  "Indeed a mistake," remarks the aging mathematician who narrates His Master's Voice.  "He had not read such books before; he was annoyed - indignant, even -expecting variety, finding monotony (...).

However accurate this generalization may be - and it has been a running complaint of Stanislaw Lem for years - it could never be taken to apply to his own work.”

The New York Times Review of Books

Lem's opinion:

“Human beings should accept some humility. Sometimes we face phenomena the essence of which we are unable to understand. Even if we are equipped with the most modern scientific apparatus and knowledge we are incapable of resolving whether they are accidental or intentional. Newton once said that with respect to nature we are just children playing with shells on the seashore.”

(From Stanisław Lem's official site:http://english.lem.pl)

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