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Radka Denemarková: Jaz pa vprašam, kdo to tolče

Radka Denemarková
Jaz pa vprašam, kdo to tolče (temna komedija)
Translated by Tatjana Jamnik
Afterword by Tatjana Jamnik
192 pages
Format: 129x198 mm
Year of publication: 2013
Edition Eho, 4
ISBN 978-961-93382-4-7 / ISBN 978-961-93914-5-7 (epub)
Retail price: 19,90 €
Discount price: 12,90 €
E-book price: 4,99 €

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This eccentric, grotesque, and thrilling story of a murder and a fatal connection between a man and a woman who are both drowning in the misgivings of their solitude might have happened anywhere. Its theatre setting provides a unique space for the expression of deep passions and hysteria. The theatre is a stage on which the curtains will draw for ever – for the energetic actors, the passive voyeurs, the backstage manipulators. There is no possibility of actors stepping in to play our lives. We are not acting in a one-man-show. Our past and our distress cannot be stripped off like a costume. Even the smallest ‘role’ of one’s life should be played with the utmost conscientiousness. Visiting director Buch has only a strange suspicion that this is so, but writer and dramatist Birgit knows it very well. And those whose knowledge is so true are in the danger of being silenced. 

A truly mature and ripe first literary fruit, which contains a convoluted parable: a dark image of mankind, with a demonic ring of events that cannot be broken.

Radka Denemarková, born 1968, is a Czech novelist, dramatist, TV screenplay writer, translator, essayist, teacher of creative writing. Author of three books of fiction. The only Czech writer who has received Magnesia Litera prizes three times (in different categories – for prose, non-fiction and translation).

Radka Denemarková studied German and Czech at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, gaining her doctorate in 1997. She worked as a researcher at the Institute for Czech Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and was dramatic advisor at the Na zábradlí theatre in Prague. She has been freelance since 2004. She is the author of Sám sobě nepřítelem / Being My Own Enemy (1998; a monograph about theatre and film director Evald Schorm), Ohlédnutí za Milenou Honzíkovou /Remembering Milena Honzíková (2003; in: Dopis zmizelému / Letter to the One Who Disappeared) and is the editor of the anthology Zlatá šedesátá / The Golden Sixties (2000). Her debut work of fiction A já pořád kdo to tluče / The Devil by the Nose was published in 2005, followed a year later by the novel Peníze od Hitlera / Money from Hitler (winner of the prestigious Magnesia Litera prize for the year’s best work of prose). The Polish edition of the latter work was nominated for the Angelus Prize (2009), while the German edition won the Usedom Prize for Literature (2011) and Georg Dehio Prize (2012). For the monographic novel Smrt, nebudeš se báti aneb Příběh Petra Lébla / You Will not be Afraid of Death: The Story of Petr Lébl (2008) she won a Magnesia Litera for the year’s best work of non-fiction. In 2010 the Na zábradlí theatre produced her play Spací vady / Sleeping Deficiencies. For her rendering of Nobel Prize winner Herta Müller’s Atemschaukel (Cz. Rozhoupaný dech), Radka Denemarková won the 2011 Magnesia Litera for translation of the year. She lives in Prague with daughter Ester and son Jan.

Her work has so far been published in 6 countries (Hungary, Poland, Germany, Canada - in English, Slovenia and Italy), with the rights sold to Bulgaria too.

See also the web pages of Radka Denemarková´s German publisher.

More on http://www.denemarkova.cz/

The publication was co-financed by Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic and Slovenian Book Agency.

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