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Claribel Alegría: Več kakor zloščen kamen

Claribel Alegría
Več kakor zloščen kamen (izbrane pesmi, proza in intervju)
Selected and translated by Taja Kramberger
Afterword by Taja Kramberger
252 pages
130x200 mm
Publisher: KUD Police Dubove & Zveza Modro-bela ptica
Year of publication: 2013
Edition KONS
ISBN 978-961-93382-3-0 / ISBN 978-961-7020-09-0 (epub)
Retail price: 19,90 €
Discount price: 12,90 €
E-book price: 4,99 €

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A book Več kakor zloščen kamen ("More than a polished stone") contains Claribel Alegría's poetry, prose and an interview, selected and translated by a Slovenian poet and scientist Taja Kramberger. Kramberger is also an author of an afterword on Alegría's literature and life.

In 2013, Claribel Alegría won the KONS International Literary Award® which was established in 2011 at the personal initiative of three female poets from Slovenia (Tatjana Jamnik, Barbara Korun, Taja Kramberger), and is not only recognition of a given literary opus, but also recognition of the holistic and active life work of individuals, of their investment in the collective good for all people, and of their multi-faceted engagement in improving social circumstances, social justice, and the general conditions of work and creativity. The bestowal took place in February 2013 in Granada, Nicaragua. Claribel Alegría is one of the most important Latin American poets of the 20th century. This book contains her first translations into Slovenian language, and actually also the first book publication of Alegría's translations into any of the Slavic languages. The book was published in the time of bestowal of the KONS Award.

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Odlomek knjige / Book fragment  -  09042013Alegria_Vec_kakor_zloscen_kamen_odlomek_str_1-25.pdf


Odlomek spremne besede / Fragment of afterword  -  09042013Alegria_Kramberger_spremna_beseda_odlomek_str_181-192.pdf

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