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Lara Unuk

Lara Unuk (1988) is a PhD student of Modern Greek literature. She studied Ancient Greek and Comparative Literature and also holds Bachelor's degree in Latin and Comparative Linguistics. She translates from ancient and modern Greek and Polish, and also publishes literary critiques and articles.  She was nominated for Lirikon's zlat (Lirikon's »golden coin«) in 2016 for her translations from contemporary Greek poetry, she was also awarded three students' translation awards for translations from Polish (2009, 2011) and Greek (2011) as well as  Prešeren Prize of Faculty of Arts of Ljubljana University for her diploma work in ancient Greek comedy. She spent four years on study exchanges in Athens and Thessaloniki.

So far, she translated two books from Polish (J. Dobraczyński, D. Terakowska), she has published short translations in Slovene literary and online magazines and on Radio Slovenia, namely from Greek (K. Dimoula, K, Karyotakis,  M. Topali,  H. Psarras, N. Kazantzakis, N. Kavvadias, M. Karagatsis, E. Venezis, M. Tsitas, Y. Theotokas), ancient Greek (Fragments of Old Greek Comedy, Hymn to Demeter) and Polish  (J. Bargielska, S. Chutnik, Z. Szczerek, J. Pilch, M. Pankowski, T. Różycki, R. Honet, C. Miłosz, etc.). 

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