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Ignacy Karpowicz

Ignacy Karpowicz, born 1976, is one of Poland’s most interesting contemporary writers. He has written several novels (Offbeat, Miracle, Gestures, Balladynas and Romances, Fish Bones, Sonya), he won the Polityka Passport in 2010 for his novel Balladynas and Romances, and was earlier nominated for the same award for Offbeat (2006). He has received three nominations for the prestigious NIKE Literary Award for Gestures (2009), Balladynas and Romances (2011), and Fish Bones (2014). He has been a columnist for Charaktery, Polityka, and Dziennik Opinii magazines, as well as a reviewer for Gazeta Wyborcza.

photo by Wojciech Wojtkielewicz


Nomination for the Polityka Passport for Offbeat
Polityka Passport for Balladynas and Romances
Nominated for the NIKE Award for Gestures
Nominated for the NIKE Award for Balladynas and Romances
Nominated for the NIKE Award for Fish Bones
Winner of Readers’ Choice NIKE 2014 Awards for Fish Bones
Shortlisted for the NIKE Award for Sonya


2014 Sońka / Sonya
2013 ości / Fish Bones
2010 Balladyny i romanse / Balladynas and Romances
2008 Gesty / Gestures
2007 Nowy Kwiat Cesarza (i pszczoły) / The Emperor’s (and the Bee’s) New Flower
2007 Cud / The Miracle
2006 Niehalo / Offbeat

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