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Jure Detela

Jure Detela (1951–1992) was a poet, writer and essayist. He was a brilliant student of history of art and art critic, as well as extremely well-read, especially in English poetry. In the 70’s, he actively participated in various avant-guarde movements. In 1979, together with Iztok Osojnik and Iztok Saksida, he authored The Underrealist Manifesto. He published two books of poetry, The Maps (1978) and Moss and Silver (1985), and a novel Under the Terrible Eyes of Pontoon Bridges (1988) which is an autobiographic testimony on defense of free speech and Detela’s encounters with Yugoslav police. He had visionary ideas on ecology, ethics and the need to change radically the means and ways of mass production. In their radical instance, such ideas demanded dismantling of global capitalism, but were all rooted in his dauntless defense of the right of all living beings to live. He lived and worked in Ljubljana.

photo from the archive of Andrej Detela

Jure Detela: Mech i srebro

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