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Taja Kramberger

Taja Kramberger, born in 1970 in Ljubljana (Slovenia), is a poet, translator, and essayist, and has a PhD in History and Historical Anthropology. She lives in Koper and Paris and works in the fields of literature and social sciences. She is also involved in struggles for civil rights. She has been the instigator and tireless organiser of numerous cultural and intellectual events on both the national and international level. Till now she has published – as author, co-author, editor, or translator – approximately 60 publications, among them 38 journal issues in social sciences and culture, three monographs, four literary and scientific collections of texts, translations of five literary works, nine books of poetry, and two children’s books.

In 2011 she has founded together with two other poets from Slovenia, Barbara Korun and Tatjana Jamnik, the International Literary Award KONS®, which is given for the lifelong activities, vital and with integrity, of individuals in literary field, for their investments in common good of all people, that is for their many-sided engagements for the improvement of social circumstances and general conditions for work and creativity in their respective environments. Translations of her poetry were published in many anthologies, journals and books. She has participated in numerous international literary meetings and round tables around the world. She received some literary awards and fellowships in Slovenia and abroad.

After the brutal and illegal academic purge in which many of Slovenian visible intellectuals and poets were involved at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Primorska in Koper in year 2010, in the frames of which she lost her job (as a university teacher; at the court she received the indemnity), she decided in 2012 to leave the country. She thinks that in such circumstances, that have taken place in Slovenia in the last years, one can neither think nor work.
»I've worn out all the possibilities,« says Taja Kramberger, »I'm not a robot, I'm a human being and I do not have another 300 years to go on. Almost twenty years of public struggle, permanent conflicts, polemics, after going through all possible intrigues one can think of - by my dear com-patriots, who don't seem to support people who fight for the rights but only know how to throw spanners in their works and lives – it's enough. I've left a trace, an open path (through snow), without traps for other people. Let the others go on! A collective hunt on Drago Rotar and me has between 2010 and 2012 become a public gossip of political strategy and lynch, which is fed by a few very sick subjects, about whom I'm not sure if they can be stopped by anything/anybody in Slovenia. A creative person in her/his short life also wishes to have some peace and bearable conditions to work. Though by all means the fight against obscurants and their visions of society goes on«.

More on the web-pages: http://tajakramberger.writersresidence.com/ and http://tajakramberger.wordpress.com

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