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Jelka Kernev Štrajn

Mag. Jelka Kernev Štrajn finished comparative literature at University in Ljubljana, and works as an independent literary critic, theorist and translator of works from the field of humanities (Paul de Man, Hart, Bourdieu, Lacan, Laclau, Lefort, Foucault, Mme de Stael, Leclercq, Malabou, etc..). For many years follows of contemporary Slovenian literature, especially poetry and publishes reviews the daily newspaper Delo. She is also the author of the afterwords in books and other studies in the field of literary theory, feminist theory and the theory of tropes. Her texts are published in the journal Primerjalna književnost and Književni listi in the Delo newspaper, and occasionally elsewhere. In 2009, she published a monograph entitled Renesansa alegorije: alegorija, simbol, fragment (The Renaissance of Allegory: Allegory, Symbol, Fragment.

Together with Marko Juvan edited a thematic issue of Primerjalna književnost journal (2006), devoted to the theoretical-literary hybrids. In 2010 she participated at a symposium at the publication of the Slovenian translation of the collected writings of Dionysius the Areopagite, and at an international symposium dedicated to the Slovenian autobiography. In March 2011, she participated at an international symposium on political reality of poetry. In March 2012, she was a chair of an international symposium on ecological critisism and poetry of Jure Detela, and compiled the monography on this topic (Ecology Through Poetry). In May 2013, she co-organized an international symposium on experimental poetry.

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