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Maja Novak

Maja Novak (born 1960) is a writer, translator and publicist. After graduating in law at University of Ljubljana in 1986, and apprenticeship in Slovenian parliament, she started translating and writing. After 1990, she worked as a business secretary at building site in Jordania and as a journalist at Slovenec newspaper. From 1995 to 2005 she had a status of a free-lance artist, since then working as a translator from the field of literature and humanities from French (G. Leroux, E.-E. Schmidt), form Italian (A. Baricco, S. Tamaro, U. Eco, etc.), Serbian and Croatian (R. Šerbedžija, V. Arsenijević, I. Simić Bodrožić, etc.) and English (i.e. R. Dawkins, N. Gaiman, Claire Keegan, J. Mcgahern, J. Egan), and publicist for Global magazine and columnist at Mladina magazine.

Photo by Tihomir Pintar, 2011

Maja Novak published novels Izza kongresa ali Umor v teritorialnih vodah (From Behind of the Congres, or A Murder in Teritorial Waters, 1993), Zarka (1994), Cimre (Flatmates, 1995, 2003), Karfanum ali as killed (Karfanaum, or as killed, 1998, 2000, 2004) and Mačja kuga (Cat plague, 2000), short stories collection Zverjad (Wild beasts, 1998) and books for children and youngsters: novels Kufajn, Kufina in kamela Bombla ali Pravljica za Saro (Howgreat, Hownice, and a Camel Wilbe, 1995) and Vile za vsakdanjo rabo (Fairies for everyday use, 1998), short stories collection Male živali iz velikih mest (Small Animals from Big Cities, 1999) and children poetry collection Ura zoologije (A Zoology Lesson, 2003). Nominated for several national literary awards (kresnik, večernica), in 1997 awarded Prešeren’s Fund Award. Her short stories are included in several Slovenian and foreign anthologies, her novels are translated into Finnish, Serbian, English, and Polish language. In 2013, Polish translation of Karfanaum, or As Killed was published (translated by Wojciech Domachowski).

Maja Novak: Karfanaum, czyli as killed

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