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Jani Kovačič

Jani Kovačič (born 1953) is a singer-songwriter, composer, guitarist, writer and teacher. His songs that are socially engaged and full of emotion, out with a distinctive voice and the accompaniment of guitars, make him the Slovenian Tom Waits. His musical adventure began in 1976 when he made his stage debut at the Faculty of Arts. With performances and CDs still reaps enthusiasm.

Among other things, he performed with a group of young musicians of Ireland and United with the Big Band RTV Slovenia (joint record Cerberus Hotel - jazzitettes). Kovačič in his texts derived from everyday life, telling stories of different people, often critical, and force the listener into consideration. Outspoken about the current socio-political problems, which can be heard on CDs Tolovajske balade, and BulvarBankrot the Balade s ceste I i II. His creativity has changed greatly over the years, it is to find different types of music - from punk, blues, music of the medieval troubadours, his latest projects, such as. Akkustik teArter or jazzitettes, and develop a new genre of urban jazz. In 2009 he published a book titled Knjiga (The book). His motto is: You must be free in the creation, disciplined in the implementation.

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