Polica Dubova

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Aleš Mustar

Aleš Mustar was born in 1968 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He graduated from English and Pedagogy at the University in Ljubljana and took his PhD in Romanian literature at University of Bucharest, Romania. He is free lance poet and literary translator. He translates Romanian and Macedonian literature into Slovenian. As he cannot earn enough money to make ends meet as a poet and literary translator, he wins his bread as a court interpreter and lives a double life, which gives him an excellent opportunity. He does not need to search for inspiration in some remote places as interesting themes and (anti)heroes reach him in different court rooms in his everyday life. His poetry has been published in Slovenian most important literary magazines and has been translated and published in Czech, Serbian, Polish, Macedonian, English, and Romanian language. He has published one book of poetry Co(u)rt Interpretations (2005). It was nominated for the best debut book of poetry in Slovenia. He also writes texts for alternative theater performances.

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