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Goran Janković

Goran Janković, born 1959 in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, studied philosophy and literature at the University in Sarajevo’s Faculty of Philosophy, graduating in 1983. He lived in Zenica until the start of the war in Bosnia in 1992, publishing essays and short stories in Sarajevo and Belgrade’s magazines, starting a family and doing various jobs, including being a police inspector for violent and sexual offences, bookseller, house painter and print-shop copy editor, when he found refuge in Ljubljana, where he joined the cultural and artistic association KUD France Prešeren, where he established and directed publishing. He has been granted extraordinary citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia for his work. He has written and published four literary works and edited about a hundred others, notably the anthology Short Stories of Ex-Yugoslavia 1990–2000. He occasionally publishes essays, poems, and haikus, and translates Slovenian literature for regional magazines. Because of his belief that the wars in Yugoslavia were wars of thieves and conmen, that there are only two nations, those of the human and non-human, and that our language is Serbo-Croat, he does not fit into the ruling cannon, and lives and works on the margin.


A Word or Two about Petronius / Riječ-dvije o Petroniju (1993)

On the Barren Hill above the Road / Događaj na brdu iznad puta (2013)

Short story collection

Of Simple Things / O prostim stvarima (1995) 

Poetry collection

As Clouds Pass By / Dok oblaci promiču (1997)


Amnestija: amnezija: Antologija sodobne slovenske poezije / Amnestija: amnezija: Antologija suvremene slovenske poezije

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