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KONS International Literary Award to Iztok Osojnik

2nd April 2011
Pavlova hiša/Pavelhaus in Potrna/Laafeld, Austria

The first International Literary Award KONS was awarded on 2nd April 2011 in Pavel house (Pavlova hiša / Pavelhaus) in Potrna / Laafeld, Austria. The prizewinner for year 2011 is a poet, writer, essayist, painter, translator and a man-traveler active in many fields, Iztok Osojnik.

From the justification of the Award

Iztok Osojnik (born 1951) is not only a literary artist who has been devoted, throughout his life, to opening spaces for literary activity, not only for himself but for other writers, frequently even other artistically talented or inspired individuals regardless of age, vision du monde and gender. Mr. Osojnik appreciates and supports literary artists and creators for their achievements, regardless of fashion or administrative instructions. He is not only a man of extraordinary vitality and courage who attempted to update and expand the Vilenica International Literature Festival, only to be stopped by the dark forces of the local literary elite. He did not burn any bridges however, but merely filtered out the acrimony, which is entirely in the spirit of Kosovel’s verse: “No man respectful of freedom will limit it.” (Kosovel, “ABC”)

He not only radiates endless energy that due to its abundance inundates his audiences, but is also a person capable of reflection of his actions and recognises his own shortcomings. He is not a translator waiting patiently for others to notice his work – he is well aware that people seldom notice what one does. While some people are clueless as to what to make of him, he is busy organising new meetings, opening new perspectives, translating new lessons in life and sharing them with others. His defiant, sweeping life stance, together with his extensive oeuvre, organizational efforts and sincere openness to fundamentally different voices in literature deserve the highest recognition.

Iztok Osojnik is never limited to ONLY, but always ALSO, which means an open nook for new insights and original voices. That is his most precious, invaluable quality. For all this, we are awarding him, with sincerity and with the greatest of pleasure, the 2011 International Literary Award KONS for lifetime achievement and bearing in the literary field.

More at: http://kons.webnode.com

Iztok Osojnik: Svinje letijo v nebo: Utopični roman

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