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A novel on modern Schecherazade - Jacek Dehnel: Pupa

on Thursday 28th February 2013 at 6 p.m.
in Modrijan Bookshop (Ljubljana)
Jana Unuk & Maja Novak

A novel about a modern Scheherazade: "Dolly" by Jacek Dehnel

Jacek Dehnel, born 1980, prose-writer, poet, translator, painter; made his debut with a collection of short stories called "The Collection" (1999), then continued with the novel "Lala" (2006) and the further short-story collections "The Square in Smyrna" (2007) and "Balzacalia" (2008); he has also published books of poetry: "Parallel Lives" (2004), "Journey Southward" (2005), and "Poems 1999-2004" (2006), which contains the previously unpublished poem cycle ‘In Praise of the Passage of Time’; he has won the Kościelski Prize (2005) and the POLITYKA Passport (2006); he lives in Warsaw.
At the end of last year, KUD Police Dubove publishing house published a Slovenian translation of his novel "Dolly" (translated by Jana Unuk), a description of the heartfelt relationship between slowly sinking grandmother and grandson which has impressed Polish readers of all ages. A novel about grandmother's life begins as an idyllic family saga and ends as compassionate, but honest description of the illness, aging and farewells. Grandmother Dolly is a great storyteller, a modern Scheherazade initially following her meandrastic, arabesque narrative, the accumulation of stories and anecdotes, including repetitions and variations, and later her increasingly frail, forgetful and dumb, lends voice narrator who saves her stories from oblivion and the memory of it. A novel of contemporary Polish literature, in which there is a network of associations and allusions entrenched drawing attention to it with its non-linear narrative style. If the Dolly spoken narration recognizes characteristic features of women's writing, is the extent to which it follows in this novel, the narrator's voice?

The novel "Dolly" (in Slovene: "Pupa") shall be presented in Modrijan Bookstore (Trubarjeva cesta 27 in Ljubljana) on Thursday, 28 February 2013, at 6p.m. It shall be presented by its translator Jana Unuk and a writer and translator Maja Novak.
No entrance fee. In Modrijan Bookstore, on the day of literary event, there shall be a 10% discount on purchasing this book.

The event is organized by the KUD Police Dubove publishing house and Modrijan Bookstore, in cooperation with the Association of Slovenian Literary Translators and Filoslav Slavic Philologies Students Association.

You are cordially invited!

More about the book: Jacek Dehnel: Pupa, translated by Jana Unuk


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