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Webinar for Reading Club Moderators: Advanced Level

Cycle of 2 online meetings
6th and 13th April 2021 at 10.00–11.30

Registration deadline: 2. 4. 2021

Organized by

Kulturno-umetniško društvo Police Dubove in co-operation with Ivančna Gorica Library,Dobreknjige.si, and Public Fund of RS for Cultural Activities

Type of training:

a seminar conducted over the Internet

Training content:

  • theory and practice
  • 2 web conferences (total 4 school hours)
  • material in electronic form (kit of 5 text templates)
  • mentorship at preparation on reading club meeting (expected time for preparation: 12 school hours)
  • certificate of finished training in duration of 16-hours


  • PhDr. Iztok Osojnik
  • Tatjana Jamnik
  • Ksenija Medved
  • Nuša Komplet Peperko

The Webinar is designated for librarians and everyone else who is interested in reading culture stimulation with help of live or web reading clubs.

Theoretical part – topics:

  • On meaning of being well-read for reading competence developement
  • Models of book education and strategies for gaining new members
  • Reading clubs conducted in a different way
  • Reading clubs and their psychodinamics
  • Presentation of #booknetwork reading workshop
  • Webpage for reading clubs at Dobreknjige.si portal

Practical part: Preparation on a book club meeting in a different way

Organized by KUD Police Dubove in co-operation with Ivančna Gorica Library, Dobreknjige.si, and Public Fund of RS for Cultural Activities.

Media sponsorship by Bukla Magazine

The webinar was developed in the frame of the project Migrations in Reality co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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