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All public events cancelled till further notice - MOVING TO INTERNET

Announcement of Covid-19 virus epidemy in Slovenia
Internet orderes are proccessed as usually (from home).

Dear Readers,

We are are canceling all our public events due to the announcement of the coronavirus epidemic.

We will do our best to find an alternative time for events when the risk of infection is over.

EVENTS, WHERE POSSIBLE, ARE MIGRATING TO INTERNET - audiences shall be informed in social media and in other eletronic ways.

Most of our services are already PROVIDED IN INTERNET:

1. Internet Blue and White Bird Union Bookshop is still open

As long as our post service provider Pošta Slovenije functions, we will be sending ordered books (from home).

2. Ebooks

Most of our printed books can be ordered in alternative form of ebooks.

Our e-books are protected by digital watermark, known also as soft DRM, which enables use on different personal devices.

3. Web reading clubs

Due to limited number of participants, it is necessary to apply for all web reading clubs.

We will keep you informed about organization progress.

Take care of yourself and others!

Polica Dubova Cultural and Artistic Association

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