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Maja Storch: Hrepenenje močne ženske po močnem moškem

Maja Storch
Hrepenenje močne ženske po močnem moškem
Translated by Slavo Šerc
176 pages
Year: 2010
Series Uvid, 1
ISBN 978-961-92946-3-5
Retail price: 22 €
Discount price: 14,99 €

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Why does the strong, capable, independent woman always fall in love with the man who plays hard to get, the one who treats her badly? Why does the boy-next-door bore her to tears? Why can't she fall in love with a nice, normal, likeable guy? In her bestselling book - which has been translated into 10 languages - psychotherapist and author Dr Maja Storch presents her challenging view that while strong women may yearn for strong men, subconsciously they are compelled to destroy them, and sometimes destroy themselves in the process. 'Strong women who fall in love with strong me... typically react in four different ways: as victim; runaway; fighter; or a combination of all three.' Drawing on the experiences of clients, friends and her own life, Storch examines the many and varied ways in which successful, independent women unwittingly manage to repeatedly undermine their intimate relationships, and their unconscious reasons for doing so. Unlocking the fears that lie behind these self-perpetuating patterns of destruction, she offers a unique perspective on contemporary relationships and enlightenment for strong women everywhere.

Dr Maja Storch is an analytical psychologist and therapist who works in the tradition of C. G. Jung and is based at the Educational Institute of the University of Zurich. She has an established psychotherapy practice in Germany and is a published author with books on youth, psychotherapy and personal development.

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