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Ignacy Karpowicz: osti

Ignacy Karpowicz
Prevedla Jana Unuk
Obseg: 456 strani
Format: 129 x 198 mm
Vezava: mehka
Založba: KUD Police Dubove
Leto izdaje: 2017
Zbirka Eho, 15
ISBN 978-961-7020-20-5
ISBN 978-961-7020-22-9 (epub)
Maloprodajna cena: 24,90 €
Cena s popustom: 18,90 €
E-book price: 6,99 €

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Fish Bones is a modern urban novel, which depicts non-typical relations among people, especially unconventional families: a renowned sociologist Ninel begins an affair with Norbert, who happens to be Max’ lover. Max, a Vietnamese, performs as Warsaw’s favourite drag queen, but from Monday to Friday he leads a regular married life with a Catholic Polish woman Maria, who is acutely aware of her husband’s secret life. Psychically labile Maya is not able to make up her mind between her husband Simon and her lover Frank, who is Ninel’s son. In either case, deceptions and extramarital affairs do not result in the destruction of marriage, but – on the contrary – lead into expansion of the protagonists’ contacts with the outside world.

From reviews

Karpowicz’s novel is a complex and enormously intelligent weave. It tells of two families in which betrayal and extra-marital affairs lead less to destruction than to the expansion of relationships. What is decisive here are feelings stronger than lust and attitudes weaker than sincerity. It is precisely this suggestion – that a lasting bond means not always calling a spade a spade, a necessary dose of hypocrisy, and a discrepancy between behaviour and opinions – makes Karpowicz’s Fish Bones one of the most intriguing novels about families that has been written in recent years.

Przemysław Czapliński

However it might sound, this book is extraordinarily juicy. And so hot that it burns.

Michał Nogaś

If you are travelling by bus or train and see someone across from you reading Fish Bones, you can be more than sure that he’ll be wearing a wonderful, sincere, and beautiful smile! Just like the one I’ve got today! A home with Fish Bones is a happy home!

Maciej Stuhr

Beneath its seemingly carefree approach to literature we can clearly see the various layers of the book, its bones; Karpowicz proves not only his great awareness as a writer, but also his high ranking among Poland’s best contemporary storytellers.

Marek Styczyński, Kultura.onet.pl

An aging literary critic, a depressed female biologist, a gay man with a proclivity for pedantry, and a few other people whose bases in reality are not so difficult to guess meet in these pages in unexpected circumstances. This is a story full of the dazzling irony known to readers of Balladynas and Romances, as well as the psychological depth of the earlier Gestures.

Małgorzata I. Niemczyńska, Gazeta Wyborcza

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