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Iztok Osojnik: Kosovel in sedem palčkov

Iztok Osojnik
Kosovel in sedem palčkov
Afterword by Taja Kramberger
Author of the collage on the cover by Iztok Osojnik
114 pages
Format: 150x210 mm
Published by KUD Police Dubove & Zveza Modro-bela ptica
Year of publication: 2015
Edition Kam, 1
ISBN 978-961-93732-2-4 / ISBN 978-961-93914-1-9 (epub)
Retail price: 19,90 €
Discount price: 12,90 €
Cena e-knjige: 2,99 €

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PODCAST: Iztok Osojnik. Pogovarja se Franci Kapler. 18. 5. 2016. (on-line) (Slovene)

A book of poetry that draws on all the worldly branches of knowledge, that, barring its ethos, refuses to limit its creative freedom, and takes wit as its central conceptual frame.

Every syllable of Osojnik’s work establishes distance, a moving away from being walled in by Slovenia’s postulated and anachronistic reality, a reality based on indiscretion and the triumph of ignorance, the two characteristics of non-functional systems. Consequently, Osojnik’s poetry, which freely gathers fruit from all the world’s trees of knowledge and not restricted by anything but ethos, uses wit as its cognitive tool and gains two kinds of advantage: standing outside of aggression, it is uncatchable and not concerned with creativity’s dominating and concentration-camp murderous logic. Pursuant to Osojnik’s language standing outside the aforementioned paradigm and its erosion, the place from which the poet is speaking cannot be entirely erased.

Taja Kramberger

Iztok Osojnik, born 1951 in Ljubljana, is a poet, fiction writer, literary scientist, anthropologist, essayist, editor, translator, artist, tour director, mountain climber. He initiated a series of artistic movements: together with Iztok Saksida and Jure Detela he founded anarchist underrealist movement and wrote an Underrealist Manifesto; started an artistic Garbage Art (Kyoto), musical projects, (Papa Kinjal Band, Hydrogism) and series of important artistic institutions and festivals (Gallery Equrna, Trnovo triplets, Dialogues at Villa Herberstein Velenje, Vilenica, Review within a Review, Golden Boat and others). He graduated in Comparative Literature at the University of Ljubljana (1977). He finished postgraduate studies at Osaka Gaidai University (1980–1982), and in 2011 earned his PhD in historical anthropology at the University of Koper. He is the former director of the International Literary Festival Vilenica. He published 28 collections of poetry (recent ones being Kosovel and seven dwarfs, 2015; *** asterisk, 2011; Married into Red, 2012), 5 novels (Pigs Flying into the Sky, 2012), 2 volumes of essays on literature, anthropology, and philosophy and scientific monograpny Twilight of Sovereignty (2013). He published four books of poetry in English: Alluminations (City Gallery of Arts of Ljubljana), a collection of poetry And Some Things Happen for the First Time (Modry Peter, Canada 2001), Mister Today (Jacaranda Press, California 2004), New and Selected Poems (Sampark, New Delhi 2010), and Elsewhere (Pighog Press, Brighton, UK, 2011). He runs the Golden Boat International Poetry Translation Workshop in Škocjan, Vermont College Summer Residence in Slovenia and various other programmes. His poems and essays were translated and published in 25 languages. He was awarded several national awards (Župančič Award, 1992; Jenko Award, 1997; Veronika Award, 1998) and international literary awards (the International Literary Award KONS, 2011; the Italian Poetry Award of Friuli – Venezia Giulia, in 2002, and the Croatian Lucić Award, in 2004).

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