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Jure Detela: Mech i srebro

Jure Detela
Mech i srebro
Translated by Karolina Bucka Kustec
Afterword by Iztok Osojnik
Afterword translated by Monika Gawlak
Language: Polish
Number of pages:  100
Format (mm): 145x205 mm
Published by Instytut Mikołowski
Year of publication: 2014
Series:  Biblioteka Arkadii – Pisma Katastroficznego, 109
ISBN 978-83-6-949-63-4
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Jure Detela’s poetry was labeled as reflexive by literary scholars. However, his deep ethical engagement and radically non-violent demeanour for the animal world make this poet someone who can be regarded as a precursor of animalist ethics in Slovenia. In his poems, Detela expressed a deep respect for nature. Thus, his attitude transcends conventional ecological consciousness.
Yes, it is a world of violence and killings, but it is observed from a deeply ethical standpoint. All of this shows poet’s great respect for the laws of nature and cosmos, as well as his belief in the continuous evolution of both individual and humanity. Being vegetarian for a long time, I find vegan philosophy quite close. Nevertheless, I was surprised by poet’s firm and uncompromising stance and  ideas: they are a manifestation of a personality who respected the animal world more than the human world. I would not know of any other examples of such a firm stance expressed in poetry.
When reviewing the message of Detela’s poems I decided to translate them as literally as possible. In that period I studied notes and researched the information about Detela on internet. And there it arose, in front of my eyes, an image of a person who kept choosing words prudently and didn’t use neither metaphors nor unnecessary epithets. Bearing his poetic strategy in my mind I decided to make only some lesser changes in the translation – on condition that it was absolutely necessary to preserve the rhythm. I hope that the poet would sound in Polish as well as in the original, that his principles and the strength of his message have been preserved. For his message is as fresh today as it was 30 years ago, when Moss and Silver was originally published in Slovenia.
Karolina Bucka Kustec (translator of the poetry collection)

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