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Jerzy Franczak: Nečloveška komedija

Jerzy Franczak
Nečloveška komedija
Translated by Tatjana Jamnik
Sculpture on the cover: Otto Gutfreund “Hamlet”
142 pages
Format: 129x198 mm
Publisher: KUD Police Dubove & Zveza Modro-bela ptica
Year of publication: 2014
Edition Eho, 6
ISBN 978-961-93382-6-1 / ISBN 978-961-93914-9-5 (epub)
Retail price: 19,90 €
Discount price: 12,90 €
E-book price: 4,99 €

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The Inhuman Comedy is on the surface a humorous tale, light and breezy, though somewhat unpleasant. It is being told by one Emil Król, a writer manqué, a frustrated teacher and an unlucky lover. His stories of his family, his travels and his work are filled with venomous humor and bitter irony. By the reader’s smile vanishes from his mouth when this kind skeptic commits a bestial murder, killing his lover, the mother-to-be of his child, and then chops up her body… Locked in prison, he describes his life and eavesdrops on the media furor gathering around his crime. Without sacrificing a touch of its wit, Franczak’s novel ultimately reveals its Dantesque dimensions and changes into a meditation on contemporary evil, both intangible and stripped of its essence. (Frankfurt Book Fair 2010)

The Inhuman Comedy is one of the finest examples of ‘young writers’ I’ve come across lately. Perfection of craft and knowledge of literature are visible on every page. Franczak’s novel is a sophisticated, erudite game – the very title contains clear allusions to Dante’s Divine Comedy and Balzac’s Human Comedy (the former work serves the author in discussing the nature of contemporary evil, and he skillfully reflects the latter in the satirical way he portrays the misery of our daily activities) — but this is just the beginning. (Patrycja Pustkowiak, “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”)
Jerzy Franczak is without a doubt one of the most interesting figures among today’s young Polish writers. (Leszek Bugajski, “Newsweek”)

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