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Na Zlatem čolnu / On the Golden Boat

Na Zlatem čolnu: Antologija pesmi o Škocjanu / On the Golden Boat: The Škocjan Poems Anthology
Written by and translated by several authors and translators
124 pp.
Published by: Literarno društvo IA & KUD Police Dubove
Year: 2011
Edition: The Golden Boat
ISBN 978-961-92945-2-9
Free publication

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Authors of the texts and translations: Alja Adam, Barbara Siegel Carlson, Lidija Dimkovska, Ciaran O’Driscoll, Špela Drnovšek Zorko, Ineke Holzhaus, Richard Jackson, Tatjana Jamnik, Ana Jelnikar, Riina Katajavuori, Kelly Lenox, Maria Jastrzębska, Catherine Phil MacCharthy, Jamie McKendrick, Aleš Mustar, Michele Obit, Iztok Osojnik, Isabella Panfido, Aleksander Peršolja, Knute Skinner, Irena Šťastná, Amir Talić

The anthology was published at the 10th universary of the International Golden Boat Poetry Translation Workshop which has been organized by Iztok Osojnik and Literary Association IA since 2002. Poems about Škocjan on the Karst in original languages and translations into different languages are written by poets from many countries of the world who attended the workshop from the very begining. 

We organised the first international poetry translation workshop, which was later named The Golden Boat after Srečko Kosovel's debut poetry collection, within the framework of the Vilenica International Writer's Gathering in 2003. There is no doubt that poetry from small languages, including Slovenian, can only become internationally recognised if we ensure quality foreign language translations. Since only a small proportion of good foreign translators, especially in the Western countries, understand Slovenian well enough to work from it, while also being quality literary translators, it seemed imperative to find a way of increasing interest in Slovenian poetry and in proficient translations of classic as well as contemporary Slovenian poets. We hit on the idea of organising an international workshop where poets could translate other poets with the help of translations in a third language. In this way, we would first of all meet interested foreign poets / translators, with whom we could establish direct link; second, we would, through reciprocal translation carried out in direct personal contact, provide for quality and faithful translations; and third, we would create an international network of poets / translators that would also enable other forms of international dialogue and further recognition of Slovenian poetry.
(from the foreword by Iztok Osojnik, workshop leader)

The International Golden Boat Poetry Translation Workshop

Publication was co-financed by Slovenian Book Agency.


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