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Alenka Bevčič: Jutro na obzorju

Alenka Bevčič
Jutro na obzorju
248 pp.
Paperback & hardcover
Published by KUD Police Dubove & Družba Piano
Year: 2010
ISBN 978-961-6693-42-4
Retail price: 22 € (paperback) / 26 € (hardcover)

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Maja married her first love. She and her housband Matej are an usual pair, they have steady jobs and two children, build a house in the country and drown in debts. On the threshold of thirty, Maya begins to wake up.
Jutro na obzorju is the book of life, a story of achieving one’s dreams, on the crossing of what is given to us by the established societal norms and finding Prince Charming. The novel shows Maja’s intimate experience of the world, mix of emotions, feelings and observations of small events which characterized her life. It will certainly find every single woman.

Alenka Bevčič was born in 1973 in Postojna. He comes from the village of Zagorje in Pivka region, and is proud mother of two adolescent children, loves the Karst woods around the home place and she can not imagine life without friends on four paws and books. He is a journalist. She began her career on the radio in Postojna, where he still works as a presenter in the program. Bevčič writes for various newspapers and magazines, last year, serving on national television. Jutro na obzorju is her first novel, she also wrote several short stories.


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