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Radoslav Parušev

Radoslav Parushev was born on January 29, 1975, in Sofia. He graduated in law from Sofia University in 2000 and works as a lawyer in the sphere of intellectual property and telecommunications/new technologies law. In 2008, he founded his own law firm, Ovcharov & Parushev. He has acted as a consultant to the Council on Copyright, an advisory body to the Ministry of Culture. 

In 2003, before even publishing a book, thanks to his numerous stories in various media, the notorious magazine Egoist dubbed him “the best writer of his generation.” Along with Toma Markov, Stefan Ivanov and Momchil Nikolov, Parushev founded the informal literary group “fastlit” (burzaliteratura) in 2004. As part of “fastlit” he has taken part in several literary tours including public readings and literary performances in Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Blagoevgrad, Ruse, Sozopol (at the 2005 Apollonia Art Festival), as well as in dozens of literary readings in Sofia. 

Photo by Pavlina Zahova

In 2010 at the founding meeting of the Association of Writers in Bulgaria, Parushev was elected as the first chairman of the organization’s Board of Directors. The organization itself aims to protect the interests of young Bulgarian authors. 

Parushev won the Rashko Sugarev Prize for best short story in 2003. He has been nominated four times for the Helicon Prize, twice from the Ministry of Culture’s Hristo G. Danov award, and twice was shortlisted for the Novel of the Year award. 


  • neverbeunhappy, short stories, Plovdiv: Janet 45 Publishing, 2004. 
  • Pursuit, novel, Plovdiv: Janet 45 Publishing, 2005. 
  • Project GigaMono, short stories, Sofia: Ciela Publishing, 2007
  • Project Dostoevski, novel, Sofia: Ciela Publishing, 2009
  • Life Isn’t for Everyone, short stories, Sofia: Ciela Publishing, 2011
  • Death Isn’t for Everyone, short stories, Sofia: Ciela Publishing, 2012.
  • From the Inside, novel, Sofia: Ciela Publishing, 2014.
  • For smokers only, short stories, Sofia : Gigamono, 2017

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