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Alenka Jovanovski

Alenka Jovanovski, born in 1974 in Celje, is a poet, essayist, literary critic, editor and translator. Her first collection of poems, Hlače za Džija (Trousers for G.), was published in 2012. As a critic and essayist she writes about contemporary Slovenian poetry. She is a former editor of the translation edition Litterae Slovenicae (published by Slovenian Writers’ Association from 1960's onwards), translates from contemporary Italian literature (poetry of Cesare Pavese, together with Gašper Malej; Italo Calvino). She authored also a monograph Dark Gene: aesthetic experience through the prism of mystical experience (2001). Her poems appeared in the anthology A Portrait of a Woman in a turned perspective: 12 poets from the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Ukraine (FA-art, 2013) in the translation of Agnieszka Będkowska Kopczyk.  

photo by Mojca Pišek

Iztok Osojnik: Spodnie na niebie (afterword)

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