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Alenka Jovanovski

Alenka Jovanovski, born in 1974 in Celje, is a poet, essayist, literary critic, editor and translator. Besides essays on poetry, she writes poetry. She has published two poetry collections, Hlače za Džija (Trousers for G., 2012) and Tisoč osemdeset stopinj (Thousand eighty degrees, 2018) for which she was awarded Veronika Prize in 2019. As a critic and essayist she writes about contemporary Slovenian poetry. She is a former editor of the translation edition Litterae Slovenicae (published by Slovenian Writers’ Association from 1960's onwards), translates from contemporary Italian literature (poetry of Cesare Pavese, together with Gašper Malej; Italo Calvino). She authored also a monograph Dark Gene: aesthetic experience through the prism of mystical experience (2001). Her poems appeared in the anthology A Portrait of a Woman in a turned perspective: 12 poets from the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Ukraine (FA-art, 2013) in the translation of Agnieszka Będkowska Kopczyk and anthol 

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