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Tatjana Jamnik

Tatjana Jamnik, born 1976 in Ljubljana, is not only a poet, writer, literary translator, second reader, teacher of Slovenian as a foreign language, but also an editor, publisher and organizer of literary events in Slovenia and abroad. She graduated in Slovenian language and literature at the University of Ljubljana. In 2009 she published her first collection of poems Brez (Without). Her poems and short stories were published in Slovenian and foreign literary journals and anthologies. They are available in English, Czech, French, Croatian, Japanese, German, Polish, Slovak and Serbian translations. She translates contemporary Polish and Czech literature (books and theatre plays: A. Berková, R. Denemarková, E. Bondy, L. Fuks, J. Katalpa, M. Urban, P. Brycz, J. Němec, A. Bolavá, R. Sikora; P. Zelenka, J. Malík; S. Lem, M. Witkowski, D. Masłowska, J. Franczak, P. Bednarski, A. Tuszyńska, A. Wiedemann, A. Jakimiak, M. Fertacz). She translated a linguistic monograph by A. Będkowska-Kopczyk. In 2009, she received the best young translator award. She gave the idea for the Golden Boat Festival of Slovenian Culture in Poland and Czech Republic and has become its chief organizer. She co-organizes the International Poetry Translation Workshop in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, and the Golden Boat International Poetry Translation Workshop in Škocjan, Slovenia, as well as tours of Slovenian authors abroad. She is a chair of Polica Dubova Cultural and Artistic Association. Together with two other Slovenian poets, Taja Kramberger and Barbara Korun, she established the KONS International Literary Award in 2011.

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